Light abounds in the Springtime as the wild daisies bloom;

Scattered like fallen stars now far from their moon.

Chasing the sun, they dance through the fields;

Telling stories of brighter days, their beauty reveals.

As the afternoon rains settle in,

you'll hear the lemon myrtle sing;

Its sweet fragrance rings through the air,

cleansing the Earth with its own silent prayer. 



With Magnesium Chloride

Indulge your senses, relax your body and purify your mind with this beautifully fragrant and unique bath blend. 

Featuring magnesium chloride, pink himalayan salt, and homegrown and dried daisy and lemon myrtle, it is both reinvigorating and relaxing. 



Key Ingredients:

  • Magnesium  - Magnesium is a crucial mineral for our bodies and now deficiency in both plants and animals is becoming all too common; this is mostly due to poor mineral content in the soil and water, among other environmental factors, and in humans, dietary choices. Naturally, we need to remineralise our bodies in whichever way we can, and a magnesium bath soak is the perfect way to increase cellular magnesium through what is known as transdermal absorption (the body absorbing through the skin), which is more effective than oral supplementation as it is better absorbed by bypassing the digestive system.  Magnesium is essential for regulating over 300 reactions that keep our body functioning, it is serotonin enhancing, helping to releive stress as well as energise. It also relaxes the muscles and reduces inflammation, and is especially helpful for cramping. Magnesium is also a powerful detoxifier and skin exfoliant and helps to increase circulation throughout the body. 


  • Pink Himalayan Salt - This special ingredient contains the perfect mineral balance of sodium, magnesium, clacium and potassium, which all contribute their own benefits. Pink Himalayan salt is a powerful anti-inflammatory and witrh steam inhalation (such as in the bath!), it can help to reduce mild to moderate respiratory problems. It also has many other benefits such as increasing circulation and vascular health, skin exfoliation and detoxification.


  • Oatmeal - This antioxidant-rich superfood for the skin is a wonderful addition due to its ability to exfoliate and nourish dry skin. It also eases inflammation and reduces excess oil, assisting with acne treatment and prevention .


  • Wild Daisy - Not just pretty, but therapeutic too. Purifying, anti-inflammatory and relieving for aching muscles. It is also used for brightening the skin where there is hyperpigmentation and assists in wound healing. 


  • Lemon Myrtle - This fragrant native herb has incredible benefits as a bush food. Externally, it is used for its antibacterial properties in wound healing, infections and acne. It also helps to reduce irritation, tighten the pores and absorb excess oils. 


  • Mandarin and Lemon Essential Oils - These uplifting oils are refreshing and calming. They help to stimulate the body and mind, increase circulation and digestion, brighten and cleanse the skin, and are have powerful antiseptic properties.  


**Product availability subject to seasonal supply**

Wild Daisy and Myrtle Bath Salts Refill Pouch 250g

  • Add 1-2 heaped tablespoons to warm bath, switch off and relax!

    One packet should supply approx. 8-10 baths. 

    Comes in a 250g kraft paper pouch.

  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Pink Himalayan Salt, Oatmeal, Homegrown Wild Daisy Flowers, Homegrown Lemon Myrtle, Bicarbonate Soda, Mandarin Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil.