Individually Handcrafted

Truly Natural

Botanical Based &

Organically Derived

Environmentally Friendly

Cruelty Free

Affordable & Effective

Ocean Happy



Australian Made

& Owned

From the Earth and back to the Earth

More than just a protective barrier, we've included ingredients containing important vitamins and essential fatty acids which work to replenish and heal delicate skin, as well as offering anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection. A safe and soothing alternative for sensitive and irritated skin. Better yet, this balm can be used on more than just nappy rash – or babies for that matter! This ultra-nourishment can also be used for...

 Baby Balm

This powerful serum assists in repair and rejuvenation by deeply penetrating into the skin on a cellular level, offering a higher concentration of its active ingredients, making it incredibly potent. This serum provides long-term nourishment, without reducing the skins ability to breathe. The smoothing, brightening and ultra moisturising effects of this serum make it the perfect addition to your skincare regime. 

Hemp Face Serum

Keep yourself safely protected from harmful rays, free radicals, and pollution with this all natural sunscreen. Offering UVA and UVB protection, antioxidant protection, and skin moisturisation with its ultra nourishing ingredients. Not only that, but you'll be smelling heavenly with its vanilla chocolatey scent. 

Safe for the whole family and poses no threat to the reef or other aquatic ecosystems.

Natural Sunscreen